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Class Cast VOP node

Downcasts a generic (anonymous) co-shader object to a specific co-shader

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Since 13.0


The Class Cast node allows specifying a concrete co-shader class for the generic co-shader handles passed to the shader. This allows some other VOPs to access information about the concrete class. For example, a Method Call VOP can query the co-shader for the available methods that can be invoked on the co-shader object.

The list of available types appearing in the parameter menu contains all types available currently in the Houdini session.


Co-Shader Type

The type name of a co-shader class to cast to.



The co-shader object whose type needs explicit conversion cast.



The converted co-shader object. The wires connected to this output will carry extra information about the co-shader type the input has been cast to. This information is used by other VOPs, such as Method Call, but does not have bearing on the generated code otherwise.

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