Houdini 20.0 Nodes VOP nodes

Sprites Procedural VOP node

This procedural will render points as sprites.

Since 11.0

It is important to note that sprites contain indirect references to SHOPs which are NOT automatically detected, and so the output driver must have the SHOP References parameter set to Declare all SHOPS.


This procedural works best if no bounding box is specified in the interface.




This is the object which contains the sprites to render. If another object is specified, it must be output to mantra for this procedural to work.

Velocity Attribute

This is the name of the velocity attribute to be used for motion blur. The attribute must exist as a point attribute.


This pattern specifies which point attributes should be copied to the sprite.

IFD Bounds

Bounding Box

The bounding box controls let you specify a bounding box for the referenced geometry. Only when this bounding box is “on screen” will mantra load the referenced geometry. You can set Bounding Box to No bounding box required, in which case mantra will always load the references geometry regardless. You can also specify the bounding box by referencing the SOP’s bounding box in the SOP Bounds parameter.

SOP Bounds

The geometry whose bounding box you want to reference.

Min Bounds

The minimum bounding box dimensions, when setting explicit bounds.

Max Bounds

The maximum bounding box dimensions, when setting explicit bounds.

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