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Find Attribute Value by Index VOP node

Since 12.5

Returns element index where an integer or string attribute has a certain value.

The element index is a point number, primitive number, etc, that can be used in Get Attribute to fetch other properties of the element. -1 is returned if no elements have the search value.

Because more than one element may have the same value, the index parameter can be used to determine which one to return. If an index greater than the number of elements is specified, -1 is returned.


The op:/ syntax can be used to refer to a SOP operator rather than a file on disk.



What type of attribute data to fetch.

Geometry File

The file on disk to fetch an attribute from.

Attribute Class

Attributes can be stored on points, vertices, primitives, or even as global attributes (Detail). The class refers to where to look for it. It will adjust the meaning of Point or Primitive and Vertex.


The name of the attribute to fetch. id fetches the common id attribute, and name will fetch the name.

Search Value

The geometry will be searched for a point/vertex/primitive that matches this value.


Which one of the elements that shares the same attribute value will be returned.

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