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Point Cloud Import by Index VOP node

This node imports point data from a pcopen.

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Since 12.0

The Point Cloud Import by Index VOP imports point information outside of Point Cloud Iterate or Point Cloud Unshaded contexts. It requires a handle created by Point Cloud Open and will return data about the idxth point that was found close to the query position. By using this and Point Number Founds you can iterate over found points using a For VOP. This node corresponds to the pcimportbyidx* family of VEX function.

There are two special channel names you can import:


The number of the point being processed. This works with float or integer importing.


The distance of the point being processed from the query point. This only works for float importing.



The point cloud handle to be used for import.


The channel to import. You should select the data type for the channel using the Signature parameter.


Which of the found points to import the data from. Should be between 0 and pcnumfound()-1.



The data imported from the point cloud.

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