Houdini 20.0 Nodes VOP nodes

Decal VOP node

An OTL that performs composting of texture maps.


Background/Background Alpha

The background color/alpha are the colors to use outside of the decal. They also will be used as a background where the decal image has no color. The output is the color after the decal is applied over the background, and the alpha from the decal composited over the background alpha.

Decal Texture

Texture Map

Image file to use as the decal.


Determines how the image is evaluated when the texture coordinates are outside the range 0-1. The options are:


(string value repeat). The image map repeats outside the range 0 the range 0 to 1. Basically, the integer component of the texture coordinate is ignored.


(string value streak). Texture coordinates are clamped to the 0 to 1 range.


(string value decal). Coordinates outside the range 0 to 1 will evaluate to the border color rather than an image color.

Filter Type

Type of anti-aliasing filter to be used for evaluation. The options are:


(string value box)


(string value gauss)


(string value bartlett)

Sinc Sharpening

(string value sinc)


(string value catrom)


(string value mitchell)

Texture Blur

A blur is specified as 0 (no blur) to 1 (blur the entire image). This is a filter based on the number of pixels to blur. If the resolution of the map changes, the amount of blur will change.


Allows fine control of positioning the decal’s texture.

X/Y Offset

Allows the decal to be translated in UV space.

X/Y Scale

Allows the decal to be scaled in UV space


Rotates the texture.

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