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Struct VOP node

Creates, modifies, or de-structures an instance of a structured datatype.

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Since 13.0

How to

See VOP structs for more information on using structs in VOPs.

You can use this node in three main ways:

  • Create an instance of a defined struct type.

    In the parameter editor, choose a defined struct type. Wire the values for the members into the inputs. The first output is a struct of the given type.

  • Set the value of a member of a struct.

    Wire an existing struct into the first input. Wire the value(s) you want to change into the input(s). The first output is the struct with the new values.

  • You can extract the values of the members of a struct.

    Wire an existing struct into the first input. The extra outputs contain the values of the struct members.

Defined types

  • To define a struct type, click Edit in the parameter editor. See the VOP structure editor for how to use the editor.

  • See defined type storage for information on how and where the defined types are stored.

  • To create an ad-hoc struct without defining it first, use the Struct Pack node instead.


Struct Name

The name of a struct definition to require for the input. If you choose “Auto detect”, the input will accept any struct, and the output type will automatically change to match the input.


Opens the VOP struct editor. You can use this to define new struct datatypes.

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