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MtlX Saturate VOP node

Adjust the saturation of a color.

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Adjust the saturation of a color; the alpha channel will be unchanged if present. Note that this operation is not equivalent to the 'amount.y' saturation adjustment of hsvadjust, as that operator does not take the working or any other colorspace into account.



Input color.


A multiplier for saturation; the saturate operator performs a linear interpolation between the luminance of the incoming color value (copied to all three color channels) and the incoming color value itself. Note that setting amount to 0 will result in an R=G=B gray value equal to the value that the luminance node (below) returns. Default is 1.0.

Luma Coefficients

The luma coefficients of the current working color space; if no specific color space can be determined, the ACEScg (ap1) luma coefficients (0.272287, 0.6740818, 0.0536895) will be used. Applications which support color management systems may choose to retrieve this value from the CMS to pass to this node’s implementation directly, rather than exposing it to the user.




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