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Karma UV Lens VOP node

This is the Karma UV rendering lens shader.

Since 19.5

This shader is responsible for initializing rays for UV uwrapping and texture baking. This is used as part of the Karma texture baking process.


Unwrap Method

Unwrap method for UV unwrapping. UV To Surface unwraps the low resolution mesh. Trace Closest Surface (not implemented right now) unwraps the closest surface point along the normal of the UV point on the low resolution mesh. UV Match unwraps the high resolution texture at the point corresponding to the UV point on the low resolution mesh.

Ray Bias

Amount to offset the lens position by along the normal at each UV point.

Ray Max Distance

Maximum distance to travel for the trace ray in the Trace Closest Surface unwrap method.

Flip Normal

Whether or not to flip the direction of the normal at the UV point

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