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Pyro Color Correct VOP node

Provides color correction functions.

Since 12.0

This node is designed to have most of its interface promoted up to the parent material. to promote the UI for this node, you must choose Promote Interface ▸ UI + Links + Inputs to trigger scripts on the node to promote and create parameters up on the parent node.

The parameters let you enable and control various standard color correction functions such as hue rotation, bias, gain, brightness, tint, and so on.

This node is similar to the standard Color Correct VOP but deals with certain things such as large input ranges differently to accommodate the needs of the Pyro material.



When this checkbox is off, the node has no effect. This may be useful for debugging.

Gamut mapping

How to map “illegal” colors outside the color gamut.


No mapping. Don’t try to make the colors “legal”, simply output the results of the correction functions.


Clamp all values to 0-1. This will make all colors legal but throws away much of the information about the color (for example hue, saturation).

Absolute colorimetry

Moves the color to the nearest representable color in the color space.

Relative colorimetry

Like “Absolute colorimetry”, but instead of moving the color to the nearest representable color (shortest distance), moves to the nearest color along the line from the current color to the white point.

The remaining parameters implement various standard color correction functions.

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