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Subnet Output VOP node

Allows the connection of operators inside a subnet to operators outside the subnet.

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This operator allows the connection of operators inside a subnet to operators outside the subnet. This operator can only be created inside a subnet type operator such as: If, Illuminance, Subnet, and While.

Like the Output Variables operator, one and only one of these operators can exist inside each subnet. This operator should not be deleted without deleting the containing subnet. It is also not possible to add a second Subnet Output operator. Also like the Output Variables operator, this operator drives the VEX code generation within a subnet. Only operators connected directly or indirectly to it will generate any code within the subnet block. For While operators, it is important to always have some value connected to the first input of this operator (which will correspond to the Condition Value of the While operator). If no value is connected to this input, the Condition Value will never change, and the While loop will continue forever.

For every operator connected to an input of this operator, the containing subnet operator will have an output. Connecting an operator to this subnet output is the same as connecting the operator to the corresponding input of this operator.


Input Name/Label

For each input connected to this operator, excluding those inputs that correspond to inputs of the containing subnet, you can specify the name and label for the input. The name and label are also used by the outputs of the containing subnet. To change the name or label for an input, enter the new value directly in the table presented. If an empty value is specified in the table, the name and label will be copied from the operator connected to each input.


Next Input

Up to 64 inputs can be connected here. Each time an input is connected, a new input slot is added. This also results in a new output being created on the containing subnet operator.

For every input connected to the subnet containing this operator, this operator will have an input. This input will be the same name as the corresponding subnet input, with the prefix “sub” added to it. Connections made to the Next Input input of this operator will always appear after the connections corresponding to the containing subnet inputs.

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