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Render State VOP node

Gets state information from the renderer.

Since 12.0


By default, mantra merges packed fragments into a single piece of geometry for efficiency. The vm_pack_mergefragments setting can be used to render each packed fragment as a separate object.

This node allows you to query information such as:

For Mantra

The renderer version number, the name of the object being shaded, the object’s shading quality, the object’s light mask, light shader’s projection information, and more.

For RenderMan

The name of the renderer, the version string, the displacement bound, the Sides flag, the matte Attribute, and more.



The expected return type.

Value Name

The render state variable to get. Use the menu button to choose from a list of known variable names.

Default String

When Signature is “String”, the string to return for unknown values.

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