Houdini 20.0 Nodes VOP nodes

XYZ Distance VOP node

Finds closest position on a primitive in a given geometry file.

Since 12.5

This operator finds the distance to the closest primitive on the given geometry file.


Input Geometry

Disk file to read for the geometry. Can be op:/obj/object/soppath to read live SOP geometry.

Primitive Group

Primitives to restrict the distance computation to. This can be any primitive pattern, including @ adhoc primitives.

Empty patterns will match all primitives, as in SOPs.


The position to find the closest position to.

Max Search Distance

The maximum distance to look for a close primitive. This can speed things up by allowing the search to quit early.


Distance to the closest primitive.


Index of the closest primitive.

-1 if no closest primitive was found.

Primitive UV

Parameteric position on the closest primitive. The Primitive Attribute VOP can be used to recover the value at this location.

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