Houdini 18.0 Nodes VOP nodes

XYZ Distance VOP node

Finds closest position on a primitive in a given geometry file.

This operator finds the distance to the closest primitive on the given geometry file.


Input Geometry

Disk file to read for the geometry. Can be op:/obj/object/soppath to read live SOP geometry.

Primitive Group

Primitives to restrict the distance computation to. This can be any primitive pattern, including @ adhoc primitives.

Empty patterns will match all primitives, as in SOPs.


The position to find the closest position to.

Max Search Distance

The maximum distance to look for a close primitive. This can speed things up by allowing the search to quit early.


Distance to the closest primitive.


Index of the closest primitive.

-1 if no closest primitive was found.

Primitive UV

Parameteric position on the closest primitive. The Primitive Attribute VOP can be used to recover the value at this location.

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