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Point Cloud Export VOP node

This node exports point data while inside a pcunshaded loop.

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The pcexport VOP exports point information while inside a Point Cloud Unshaded context. The data produced by pcexport should correspond to the current iteration point, and once data has been exported for a given iteration point that point will never be processed again by a pcunshaded loop. pcexport should only be used with a pcunshaded loop - otherwise its behavior will be undefined. The channel name should match the channel provided to the pcunshaded loop, and the channel should not already exist in the point cloud file. This node corresponds to the pcexport VEX function.



The point cloud handle to be used for export.


The channel to export. You should select the data type for the channel using the Signature parameter.


The data to insert into the export channel.



Returns 1 when the export was successful.

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