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Reflected Light VOP node

Computes the amount of reflected light which hits the surface.

This operator computes the amount of reflected light which hits the surface.

Multiply the output of this operator by a given reflection color to obtain the actual reflected light.

The Bias (bias) input is typically a small number (i.e. 0.005) used to help eliminate self-reflection.

The Max Contribution (maxcontrib) input is used to help the renderer get an idea of how much the reflected light will contribute to the final color of the pixel. This is typically the maximum of the reflection component of a lighting model and has no effect on the resultant color. Typically, values less than 1 should be given.

The ray origin and direction are typically computed using the Refract or Fresnel operators.

If inputs P and I are not connected, the global variables by the same names will be used instead, and a local copy of the global I variable will be normalized inside this operator before the computation begins.

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