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Point Cloud Unshaded VOP node

This node advances to the next unshaded iteration point returned by pcopen.

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The pcunshaded VOP will either start a new unshaded point iteration or advance to the next iteration point. Unshaded iteration differs from iteration since points will only be iterated over once, so that per-point calculations can be performed once and filtered many times. The pcunshaded VOP should normally be used as input to a while loop condition, with Point Cloud Import operations inside the loop to gather iteration point information and Point Cloud Export operations to store shaded information. The pcunshaded VOP corresponds to the pcunshaded VEX function.

You should usually iterate through all points in the point cloud. If you don’t iterate over all points, it is necessary to use the Point Cloud Close VOP to close the point cloud before other operations are performed in the shader.



The point cloud handle to be used for iteration.


The channel that will be initialized by the pcunshaded loop. You should use Point Cloud Export nodes to fill in unshaded data.



Returns 1 when the iteration was successful, in which case point data can be queried using pcimport.

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