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Karma Light Filter Gel VOP node

Karma Light Filter that adjusts the color, intensity, or diffuse/specular of a light source.

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Since 19.5


A light filter prim can be assigned to a light to modify the light rays sent by the light. See Karma light filters for more information.

This filter changes the tint, intensity, or diffuse/specular component of the light’s rays. You can use the parameters to apply constant changes, or hook up Material X shader nodes to this node’s inputs to compute different values for each ray.

You can use the Karma Light Projection utility node to generate the UV coordinates of the “current ray” to feed into the filter shader network so you can vary the tint/intensity across the light’s field of view.



Multiplies the intensity of the light source by this color.


Scales the intensity of the light source.


Adjusts the exposure of the light source.

Diffuse Scale

Scales the diffuse contribution of the light source.

Specular Scale

Scales the specular contribution of the light source.


Increases or decreases the saturation of the light.

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