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Point Cloud Import VOP node

This node imports point data while inside a pciterate or pcunshaded loop.

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The pcimport VOP imports point information while inside a pciterate or pcunshaded context. The data returned by pcimport will correspond to the current iteration point. pcimport should only be used with a point cloud iteration. This node corresponds to the pcimport VEX function.

There are two special channel names you can import:


The number of the point being processed.


The distance of the point being processed from the query point. This is only available when iterating over unshaded points.



The point cloud handle to be used for import.


The channel to import. You should select the data type for the channel using the Signature parameter.



Returns 1 when the import was successful.


The data imported from the point cloud.


The following examples include this node.

PointCloudIterateAverage Example for Point Cloud Iterate VOP node

This example shows how the pciterate vop can be used to average together points returned by pcopen. First, a point cloud is generated with a floating point "check" channel initialized to 1 inside a circle in the x-z plane. Then, the points are filtered in a shader by looping using the pciterate vop and averaging the value of the "check" channel. The point cloud used in the example is stored inside the asset as points.pc.

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