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Surface Distance VOP node

Finds the shortest distance between a point and a source point group.

Since 17.0

This operator finds the shortest distance to the closest point in the given point group, and returns which point in the group it was closest to as well.


Geometry File

Disk file to read for the geometry. Can be op:/obj/object/soppath to read live SOP geometry.


The point group to measure the distance from. This can be any point pattern, including @ adhoc points.

Empty patterns will match all points, as in SOPs.

Position Channel

The name of the vector attribute to use to measure distance between connected points. Using P will give the world distance along the surface, but another attribute can be used to measure along a different metric.


The point to measure the distance for.

Soft Radius

The maximum distance to measure the surface distance. This can speed things up by allowing the search to quit early if the point is not within the radius. Points outside the radius will return a value of -1 for both the distance and the closest point in group.

Distance Metric

The method to use to measure distance. Accepted values are edge and surface. Edge distance is measured along the edges of the model, while surface distance is measured along edges and across surfaces.


Distance to the closest point in the group.

-1 if no closest point was found.

Closest Point In Group

Index of the closest point in the group.

-1 if no closest point was found.

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