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Lens Bokeh VOP node

A VOP that can generate different kinds of bokeh.

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Since 19.0


This is a lens shader component that generates a distribution of points to recreate bokeh effects. This is commonly used with the Karma Physical Lens Core node.


Bokeh Shape

A choice for what shape the bokeh should be: Circular, Polygonal (see Number of sides), or Texture Map (see Bokeh texture map).

Bokeh Map

When Bokeh shape is “Texture map”, this is the path to the texture to use. The texture should contain a bright bokeh shape on a black background.

(The shader samples the texture based on its intensity using importance_remap, shaping the bokeh to the bright parts of the texture).

Number of Sides

When Bokeh shape is “Polygonal”, this is the number of sides the bokeh shape has. This value must be greater than 3.

Bokeh Rotation

Rotate the bokeh shape by this number of degrees.


This is a value from -1.0 to 1.0 which controls the aspect ratio of the bokeh shape. Set this to 0 to get square (equal height and width) shapes. Negative fractions make the bokeh shape narrower than it is tall. Positive fractions make the bokeh shape shorter than it is wide.








The offset, or jitter, for the ray’s origin. When this is set to be samples from a 2D distribution, the bokeh will match the shape of the distribution.

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