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Rotate VOP node

Applies a rotation by 'angle' radians to the given 3×3 or 4×4 matrix.

This operator applies a rotation by angle radians to the given 3×3 or 4×4 matrix. axis specifies the axis of rotation, which can be an arbitrary direction and must be normalized.


The following examples include this node.


This example simulates grass being pushed down by an RBD object. Fur Objects are used to represent the blades of grass and Wire Objects are used to simulate the motion. When a single Fur Object is used to represent the grass, neighbouring blades of grass will have similar motion. Additional objects with different stiffness values can be used to make the motion less uniform. When "Complex Mode" is enabled, two objects are used to represent the grass. The stiffness of each set of curves can be controlled by adjusting the "Angular Spring Constant" and "Linear Spring Constant" parameters on the corresponding Wire Objects.

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