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Car Paint Shader VOP node

Simulates car paint with embedded metallic flakes and a coat layer.

Since 14.5




Controls the metallic base layer’s color.


Controls the reflectivity of surfaces facing the viewer. This replaces the Index of Refraction parameter found on other shaders to allow for more direct control over visual appearance.

When a surface is rotated away from the viewer, more and more light is reflected regardless of this parameter’s value. At 90 degrees away from the viewer, 100% of the light is reflected, as in the real world.


How shiny an object appears mostly depends on it’s Roughness rather than it’s Reflect value. When you intend to vary shininess using a texture, Roughness is usually the better parameter to use.


For additional artistic control, you can disable reflections completely by setting Reflect exactly to 0.0. When using a texture, this effect also occurs in completely black areas of the texture.

The effect of Reflect on a black object in a white environment. Note how reflections at the edges are not affected unless Reflect is exactly 0.0.


The effect of this parameter diminishes with increasing Metallic values, since metallic reflectivity is tied to Base Color.


Controls how dull a surface appears. A value of 0.0 results in a smooth surface with perfectly sharp reflections. A value of 1.0 produces a completely dull surface. Under the hood, this simulates microscopic bumps which become more pronounced the higher the Roughness, causing reflected light to be scattered more.

The effect of Roughness on a material with Metallic set to 1.0:

The effect of Roughness on a material with Metallic set to 0.0:



The color of metallic flakes


Spatial frequency of the flakes.


The relative size of the flakes.


The edges of flakes are faded over this distance.

Random Normal

Randomness of the normals, at a value of 1, they are randomized by up to 90 degrees.


The reflectiveness of flakes facing the viewer.


The roughness of the flakes, see Roughness for more details.



The color of the coat reflection layer.


The reflectivity of the coat reflection layer, see Reflectivity for more details.


The roughness of the coat reflection layer, see Roughness for more details.

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