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Visualize VOP node

Exports a vis_ prefixed attribute.

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Since 14.5

The Visualize node sets up an export for the named attribute with a vis_ prefix. It also invokes the addvisualizer VEX command to add an attribute to the geometry to use this node’s visualizers.

Any Visualizers added to this VOP node (Via Gear Icon::Add Visualizer) will be applied to the resulting geometry, regardless of where in Houdini it is viewed.


The 'x' keyboard shortcut can be used to teleport the visualizer node between different VOP outputs while inspecting a scene.



The name of the new attribute. A vis_ prefix will be added, so if it is visualize1, then vis_visualize1 will be created.

Export in Context

The context or contexts that the parameter is exported to. Use whitespace characters as separators when specifying multiple contexts.


Unbound or Export Value

The value to be visualized.


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