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Bump Map VOP node

Computes a filtered sample of the texture map specified and returns an RGB color as…

This node type is hidden. It is no longer supported.

This operator computes a filtered sample of the texture map specified and returns an RGB color as well as the displaced position, displaced normal, and displacement amount.

This operator shares most of its parameters with the Texture operator. Please see the Texture help for details. The only additional parameter is Height, which determines the depth of the displacement.

With no texture coordinates given, the values of the global s and t variables are used to index the texture. If both derivative inputs (ds and dt) are connected, s and t will represent the center of a square whose bottom-left and upper-right corners are (s-ds,t-dt) and (s+ds, t+dt) respectively. The input normal (nN) should be normalized if explicitly connected. Usually, you will not need to touch nN unless you want to apply an additional displacement using an operator such as Bump Noise.

Typically, this operator will be used in a displacement shader, with both displacement outputs piped into the corresponding inputs of the Output Variables operator. Alternatively, it can appear in a surface shader, in which case the displaced normal would be normalized and then connected to the nN input of the Lighting Model operator. The “color” output would go into the diffuse (diff) input of the same operator.

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