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Labs Flowmap Distort 1.0

The flowmap distortion applied on a texture usable for renders

The flowmap tools in Houdini work per-point, while the final result in a game engine will be run per pixel. This HDA allows you to render the results of the created flowmap using any renderer.

The only requirement is that the flowmap data has been converted to @Cd, which can be done with the 'Flowmap to Color' sop. This HDA provides extra controls for speed, distortion, and while it ships with a preview water texture, allows you to use your own water surface preview texture.


Diffuse Texture

Texture to preview flowmap, default is to use a texture embedded in the HDA.

Diffuse Tiling

Number of times the texture repeats in the uv’s of the input geometry.


Speed of the flowmap animation.


Amount of warping applied to the flowmap preview. Larger values create a more pronounced effect, but can introduce ghosting artifacts.

Flowmap Mode

Set if this node reads motion vectors from @Cd of the input geometry, or from a file texture.

Flowmap Texture

Path to the flowmap texture.


The time at which the flowmap needs to distort at. This input should usually be fed scene time.

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