Houdini 18.0 Nodes VOP nodes

pxrbaketexture VOP node

Bake 2d Textures @parameters

inputRGB: Input color value

inputF: Input float value

filename: Input/output texture filename.

atlasStyle: Formating style for multi-tile (atlas) textures. Atlas filenames must contain 'MAPID'.

filter: Selects different reconstruction filters that can be used during texture lookup.

lerp: Interpolate values between mipmap levels.

invertT: Inverts the T parameter for the texture lookup.

missingColor: Resulting color when there is an error opening the texture file.

bakeMode: Enable or disable texture baking.

renderMode: Control reading from input pattern or baked texture. Automatic attempts to read baked texture first, then input pattern.

display: Output file type display driver.

displayFormat: txmake (.tex) file format.

displayType: OpenEXR data type.

displayCompression: File format compression.

resolutionX: Output resolution in X.

resolutionY: Output resolution in Y.

primVar: 2D or 1D primvar defining the texture manifold.

primVar2: Optional 1D primvar defining the texture manifold.

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