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pxrbumpmanifold2d VOP node

PxrBumpManifold2D defines 2D mapping coordinates for the PxrBump node. PxrBump is able to efficiently compute bumped normals when using a simple texture. If you want to scale or rotate the texture, you have to use this node instead of PxrManifold2D. PxrBumpManifold2D provides additional data (surface derivatives) necessary to compute bumped normals. @parameters

angle: Rotation angle around origin

scaleS: Rotation angle around origin

scaleT: Frequency of feature in T

offsetS: Offset from origin in S

offsetT: Offset from origin in T

invertT: Flip along T

primvarS: Name of custom 1D S or 2D ST primvar

primvarT: Name of custom 1D T primvar

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