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pxrcolorcorrect VOP node

PxrColorCorrect combines a number of classic remapping and color correction methods. @parameters

inputRGB: Plug an input color pattern here.

inputMask: A mask defining the color-corrected areas.

invertMask: Inverts the mask’s influence.

mixMask: Blend in the mask. When set to 0.0, there is no color correction at all.

inputMin: InputMin will remap the 0.0 value to a value of your choice. When set to 0.0, nothing changes. This is equivalent to the black point in Photoshop’s Levels dialog.

inputMax: InputMax will remap the 1.0 value to a value of your choice. When set to 1.0, nothing changes.

gamma: Applies a per-channel gamma correction. Values lower than 0.0 are ignored, 1.0 is neutral.

contrast: Applies a per-channel contrast. The valid range is -1 to +1. 0.0 is neutral

contrastPivot: Specifies the per-channel pivot of the contrast curve. By default, it is centered at 0.5 to mimic classic photoshop-style operation.

rgbGain: Use rgbGain to tint your input. This color will simply multiply your input color. 1.0 is neutral.

hsv: Apply a Hue, Saturation, Value color correction. Hue is an offset. Saturation and Value are multipliers.

exposure: Adjust the exposure of the input color by the given stops. Each positive stop will double the input’s intensity. Each negative stop will halve the input’s intensity. Often it is preferable to use Exposure instead of a straight multiplication (like rgbGain), as it is perceptually linear.

outputMin: outputMin will remap the final color’s 0.0 value to a value of your choice.

outputMax: outputMax will remap the final color’s 1.0 value to a value of your choice.

clampOutput: The final color can optionaly be clamped to make sure it sits within a user-defined range.

clampMin: This is the lowest value output by PxrColorCorrect

clampMax: This is the highest value output by PxrColorCorrect

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