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pxrdisplacement VOP node

A displacement shader. @parameters

mask: Controls the area of displacement.

vectorEncoding: Specify how the displacement values are encoded. 'Centered' means that the values have been scaled to fit between 0 and 1 and need to be offset by .5 and scaled by 2. 'Signed' values are signed and don’t require such manipulations. This applied to float and vector maps.

displacementScalar: Input for scalar input for displacing the surface along the normal.

displacementVector: Connect a vector displacement texture here.

displacementAmount: Control the scale of vector or scalar displacement maps.

displacementCenter: When using 'Centered' mode for displacement encoding, use this value as the 0 value. For example if .4 is the neutral value that represents 0 displacement, set this value to .4.

tangentSource: Type of tangents to use for this surface.

tangentInput: Input gradient that is used to compute a tangent direction. This can be used to create unique anisotropic behaviors.

disableDisplacement: Disable displacement.

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