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pxrdisptransform VOP node

Transforms the displacement values. @parameters

dispType: Specify the displacement value type. If it is a float procedural, pick Scalar. If it is vector procedural, pick Generic Vector. If the vector displacement map is extracted using Mudbox or Zbrush, pick Mudbox Vector or Zbrush Vector respectively.

dispScalar: Connect a scalar displacement texture or value.

dispVector: Connect a vector displacement texture or value.

vectorSpace: Specify which space the vector was created in. For Mudbox and Zbrush vector type, this would be the space that the vector displacement was exported from. For Mudbox, vector displacement needs to be exported in Absolute Tangent, not Relative Tangent.

dispHeight: Displacement height applies to the displacement value that is displacing out.

dispDepth: Displacement depth applies to the displacement value that is displacing in.

dispRemapMode: Specify how to remap the displacement values. 'None' - Reads the displacement value as is without any remapping. Use Displacement Height to scale the displacement. 'Centered' - The displacement value is centered at the Displacement Center specified. If the value is equal to the center, there is no displacement. Any values below that center will be displacing in whereas any values above the center will be displacing out. 'Interpolate Depth and Height' - Fits the displacement depth and height specified through a catmull-rom spline (spline('catmullrom', -depth, -depth, 0, height, height).

dispCenter: Displacement center for the 'Centered' Remapping Mode.

dispScaleSpace: Space in which displacement units are measured. E.g. 'world', 'object', or user-defined coordinate system.

useDispDirection: Displace along the displacement direction provided below instead of along the surface normal.

dispDirection: Displacement will be in the direction this points to rather than along the surface normal. Note that the displacement director vector will be normalized before its use.

dispDirectionSpace: Space in which displacement direction vectors are in. E.g. 'world', 'object', or user-defined coordinate system.

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