Pattern plugin to generate a flake-like normal perturbation. Returns a normal. Connecting this to the Bump Normal parameter of PxrLMMetal can create metallic fleck paint. @parameters

inputNormal: Connect your bump pattern here if you wish to add flakes on top of it.

flakeAmount: Changes the metal flake amount. This increases the distribution of flake normals, or their deviation from the base normal.

flakeFreq: Changes the size of the metal flake features.

density: Changes the number of metal flakes for a given area.

size: Changes the size of metal flakes.

octaves: Number of octaves of noise to calculate flakes.

jitter: Jitters the flake’s position.

validateNormals: Make sure flakes normals are always in the same hemisphere as the original normal.

manifold: The manifold over which to apply the flakes. (The default is P).

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