Houdini 18.0 Nodes VOP nodes

pxrlayeredtexture VOP node

Read a texture file and composite it with another PxrLayeredTexture. This is the most efficient way to layer textures. @parameters

mute: Make this node invisible in the compositing chain.

maskValue: An optional mask for this texture. This will scale the mask texture.

maskTexture: If your mask is a texture, this is the optimal way to mask it. Your mask texture will be scaled by the maskValue parameter.

maskChannel: First channel offset to be looked up for the mask texture.

missingMask: If the texture can not be read - i.e. a missing tile in a texture atlas - This value will be used.

firstChannel: First channel offset to be looked up for Filename.

invertT: Unlike RenderMan, Maya’s UV have the T value inverted. For the models created in Maya, Invert T needs to be ON so that the texture orientation will be correct in the render.

doNotOptimize: Make this node much slower than it should be.

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