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pxrstdenvdaylight VOP node


exposure: Alternative scale on the contribution of this light. Increasing by 1 doubles the intensity, decreasing by 1 halves it. Leave at 0 to use the intensity parameter as-is.

sunTint: Tweak the sun’s contribution and color. The default, white (1,1,1), gives results based on measured physical values.

sunSize: Scale the apparent size of the sun in the sky. Leave at 1 for a realistic sun size with an 0.55 degree angular diameter.

method: The sun direction can either be specified as a vector or using the heliodon.

directionVector: The apparent direction towards the center of the sun. The zenith is at +Y (for noon light) and the horizon is in the XZ plane (for sunrise/set). Note that the Y component must non-negative.

month: Month of the year, 1 through 12.

day: Day of the month, 1 through 31.

year: Four-digit year.

hour: Hours since midnight, local standard time. May be fractional to include minutes and seconds. If daylight saving time is in effect, subtract 1 to correct to standard time.

zone: Standard time zone offset from GMT/UTC in hours. Positive for east, negative for west. For example, this would be -8 for Pacific time.

latitude: Latitude in degrees. Positive for north, negative for south.

longitude: Longitude in degrees. Positive for east, negative for west.

haziness: The turbidity of the sky. The lower limit of the model is 1.7 for an exceptionally clear sky, and 10, for an inversion, is the upper limit.

skyTint: Tweak the sky’s contribution and color. The default, white (1,1,1), gives results based on measured physical values.

specAmount: Scale the specular contribution of this light.

diffAmount: Scale the diffuse contribution of this light.

fixedSampleCount: Overide the automatic sample allocation and use a fixed number instead. Values smaller than 1 disable this feature.

importance: Overide the automatic sample allocation. An importance of 2 will allocate twice the regular sample budget to this light.

enableShadows: Enable raytraced shadows.

shadowColor: The color of the shadows cast by emitted light.

shadowMaxDist: Limits the shadow distance. Any value smaller or equal to 0.0 will be ignored and the shadow distance will be unlimited. Defaults to -1 : unlimited shadow distance.

shadowTraceBias: Raytracing bias for shadow computations. -1 uses automatically computed value value.

shadowSubset: Set of geometry to consider for traced shadow intersection.

shadowExcludeSubset: Set of geometry to ignore for traced shadow intersection.

intensity: Scales the contribution of this light. With an intensity of 1e+5, the model computes physically plausible results in cd/m^2 units. This makes it about 100k too bright for typically displayed RGB values, so we internaly scale by default by 1e-5.

__group: The group is a special type of attribute which allows you to provide light category support for geometric area lights, as well as per group AOVs for the lighting on the surface.

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