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Labs Snow Buildup geometry node

Adds geometry to an input mesh that mimics snow buildup

This node generates snow buildup on objects by scattering points on up facing polygons of the incoming mesh, copying some spheres onto those points and then voxelizing and smoothing the result.


Scattering Options

Spread Angle

How far the snow will wrap around the object. 180 means full hemisphere, 0 means only surfaces perfectly facing up.

Number of Snow Points

How many snow drops to generate on the surface

Point Size (Min/Max)

Size range on each snow drop, which turns into a sphere.

Meshing Options

Smooth Iterations

Blur the snow volume


Grow or Shrink the snow volume

Blurring Iterations

Blur the final generated snow mesh


Vertex Colors on the output mesh

Clean Up

Reduce to # Polys

Limit the snow mesh to this polycount

Boolean Against Original

Remove faces that are inside the interior mesh by boolean the 2 meshes together

Keep Original

Output the original input mesh merged in as well

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