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PolyCap geometry node

Fills in polygons between boundary edges.

This node type is deprecated. It is scheduled to be deleted in an upcoming revision of Houdini.

Use PolyFill instead

(Since version 16.0.)

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Using PolyCap

  1. Select the edges of the polygon you want to cap.

    You can select one edge and press L to loop forward and select all edges. Additionally, pressing R reverses the direction of the arrow and pressing F marches the selection forward once an edge is selected.

  2. Click the PolyCap tool on the Polygon tab.


The cap is automatically fused to the polygon; however, there is an option to turn on the Unique Points checkbox in the parameter editor.



A list of boundary edges with which to create caps.

Cap all unshared edges if no group

If the Group field is empty, create caps across all boundary loops in the input geometry. Turn this off if you want an empty Group list to do nothing.

Reverse Caps

Reverse the orientation of the created caps.

Triangulate Caps

Construct the caps using only triangles.

Unique Points

Create caps with their own points.

Update Point Normals

Recompute point normals, if they exist.



This example demonstrates how to cap off a hole in a piece of geometry using the Poly Cap SOP.

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