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Orient (layout brush) geometry node

Turns the assets you brush over toward a certain direction.

This node type is hidden. It is no longer supported.

This node is designed to customize the behavior of the Layout LOP. See the help for Layout for more information.


This brush can only affect assets that were added in the current Layout node.





The radius of the brush.

Soft Radius

The fraction of the brush radius where it starts to fall off to 0.0 at the edge. For example, if you set this to 0.5, the brush is at full strength in the inner half of the radius, and falls off from the halfway point to the outer edge.


Apply Once

When this is on, each asset will only be transformed a maximum of one time per stroke. If you turn this off, you can brush back and forth over the same asset to transform it multiple times in the same stroke.

Local Rotation


When this is on the local space orientation of the asset is replaced with the values in Rotate.


Amount to rotate by in local space.

World Rotation


Amount to rotate by in world space.

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