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Place (layout brush) geometry node

Place assets one at time, optionally setting the scale and orientation.

This node type is hidden. It is no longer supported.
On this page

This node is designed to customize the behavior of the Layout LOP. See the help for Layout for more information.

How to

  1. You can use mouse_wheel to cycle through the assets in the working set.

  2. Click to place an asset at the default scale and oriention.


    Press and drag to set the orientation and scale of the placed asset interactively.



Align to Normal

Align each asset’s up direction to the intersected asset/surface normal.


When Align To Normal is on, this is a blend factor between the up direction specified in the Up parameter below, and the intersected asset/surface normal.


The up direction for assets.


The forward direction for assets.

Randomize Rotation

The brush starts with a random orientation (within a given minimum and maximum) for each placement.

Randomize Scale

The brush starts with a random scale (within a given minimum and maximum) for each placement.



How the brush chooses the next asset to place from the working set.


After each placement, move to the next asset in the working set.


After each placement, choose a random asset from the working set.

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